Everyone experiences seasons of difficulty. Sometimes the script that we are using to navigate our life becomes a dead end. We feel stuck in a maze that doesn’t seem to have a clear way out. Perhaps it is a marriage that feels like a prison sentence, a family member who is making us crazy, or maybe we are just sick of ourselves. Whatever it is we all have areas of struggle that seem like the harder we try to fix them the more entrenched we become.

ClearWater Counseling Center provides a fresh way to identify, define, and re-script your life story. We believe you already have what it takes to re-author your own life. You are the expert on what has worked and not worked for you. What you need from us are the right tools, encouragement, and a safe place to examine your options.

A therapeutic relationship should be a safe space to explain, explore and challenge understandings and meanings. It is a good place to raise questions about assumptions, experiment with new ideas and new behaviors, develop new options and make intentional choices about those options. It should be a unique experience that leads to the growth you desire.